Bottle Feeding Recommendations

These are the procedures I use to bottle feed Nigerian Dwarf kids.

Feed Whole milk from the grocery Cow's milk is much better to feed with than other goat milk or lamb replacer. I microwave the bottle( a 20oz plastic Coke bottle) of milk, WITHOUT the nipple (Pritchard's nipple) to bring it to 'warm'.

During the bottle feeding process always have a grass hay and goat pellets available. They will begin nibbling that between feedings until they are consuming it good by weaning time. Start by feeding 4 X/day. I usually feed at 7am, noon, 5pm, 10pm. You can vary this to fit your schedule. Even if you miss one feeding every once in a while they won't die.

Start (approx 1 week old kid) by giving 3oz 4X/day then in a week increase that to 4oz 4X/day, then in another week increase to 5oz 4X/day. NEVER exceed 5oz per feeding. After the kid reaches 6-8 weeks of age you can begin the weaning process by decreasing how many times a day you feed. ie, drop to 5oz 3X/day, then in another week drop to 5oz 2X/day, then in another week drop to 5oz once per day. You can continue that or stop at your convenience.

NEVER exceed the amounts listed per feeding. OVER FEEDING will bring on diarrhea.

Normal baby goat poop is a yellow pasty poop and then transitions to pellets. However, if diarrhea starts to appear I treat with a product that can be obtained from Tractor Supply or other feed stores called Spectogard. I would put in a bottle baby about 3ml along with 3ml of water in the bottle ( no milk for this dose ) once per day. Severe cases get it twice per day. Usually clears in 1 or 2 days if caught early. If not bottle feeding squirt the 3ml directly in the mouth with a syringe with needle removed.

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