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Bumping your goat

A big question that always arises when your goat is having babies is, "Is she finished?" or are there more kids.

Knowing that there are more kids yet to be born is a huge help as to whether assistance may be necessary. It is not uncommon for kids to be spaced out 10-30 minutes apart and then it may be an hour or more for the afterbirth to be discharged. I learned a technique ( not sure from where ) that I call "Bumping" the doe to determine if ALL the kids have been born. I have found it to be extremely accurate in predicting if there are more kids to come or "She's done !"

To do this: Stand the doe up after she has cleaned off and bonded with the recently born kid and all seems good. Actually this is when I will pick up the kid, trim the umbilical to 3/4" and dip it in iodine to prevent 'Navel ill'. If possible, you stand over the doe, one of your legs on either side of the goat with your butt over her neck/head.

Now reach under the goat with one hand on each side of the goat. Let your finger tips touch each other (coming under from opposite sides of the goat). Now with your hands, palms up and finger tips touching, located on the goat's under belly right where the front of the udder attaches to the belly.

In this position, FIRMLY thrust your fingers from both hands simultaneously upward into the soft under belly tissue. If you feel something HARD.....it's another kid. Feel nothing but soft tissue, She's done !! Just the afterbirth is left to be discharged now.

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