Bonita is no longer with me. As you will probably be able to tell....she was always my 'favorite'. She gave me so much and asked for so little in return. She passed in my arms following complications of delivering.....on her own.....sextuplets. She had previously given me twins, quads, quads, and then the sextuplets.

Tyny Piccolo

Piccolo was SO small at birth, hence, the name. Sadly, she was killed by a coycote before I got the guard dogs.

Tyny Casper the Friendly Goat

Casper was a bottle baby that I decided to keep. She is currently one of my breeding does

Tyny Elvis

I like to take a close look at their hair coat to see if anything 'jumps out' at me as to their name. Elvis's acoustical guitar slung over his shoulder was obvious

Tyny Happy

"Happy" was obvious as well

Crossbred Nigerian Dwarf and Boer

At one point we had so many goats we had to start stacking them

Tyny Oklahoma Twister

Twister was one of the last Pygmy bucks I showed. He was an awesome buck that was a 3X Grand Champion to earn Permanent Grand Champion status

Helping out with the mowing chores

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