This is the water, hay, and grain feeder arrangement as the goats see them mounted on the outside of their pen. Notice the granular salt feeder made of 2" PVC pipe just inside the left side of the hay feeder.

This is how I access the feeders and waters from outside their pens. ( I never get trompled while feeding my goats ). The hinging lids were made to keep birds ( sparrows, etc ) that frequent the barn from fouling the water and feed.

This a close up of one of the grain feeders. The rubber bowls lift out for cleaning.

This is a grain trough made from 4-inch PVC pipe that has been cut in half and attached, again, outside their pen.

This is one of my hay feeders that is made from cattle panel and vinyl siding. Again, the goats eat from one side while I am able to fill it from outside their pen.

This is the winter cover / windbreak that I put up for the hay feeder for the winter time.


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