2012 Vegetable and Nectar Gardens (June 15) )
I don't think the gardens have ever looked or produced this good.

Vegetable Garden

Nectar Garden

2010 Garden (May 8 )

Since I haven't updated a garden picture in many years I decided to take one of the 2010 garden. Notice in the foreground the coldframes in which we grow strawberries and lettuce/spinach. We acutally plant the lettuce in August and it grows all winter long.....even in the extremely cold winter of 2009/2010. Strawberries are rotated from one cold frame to the other about every 3 years. On the arches in the main garden are grown sugar snap peas, pole beans, cucumbers, and even cantelopes !! It is great to walk under the arch and just pick from there.

1997 Garden (June 25 )