Born 2/28/2010

High Hill Farm Gusty Good Measure Farm Fugita Covenant Kids Blue Ice Tule River Tiger Eye
Covenant Kids Blue Ice Maiden
Poetry Oaks Rosalind Piddlin Acres Slo-poke
North Rockbottom Fanny Brown
Ivy Acres Windy Plains Woodhaven Farms Final Impact Woodhaven Farms Leviathan
Shady Meadow Kiwi
Enchanted Hill Moonflower Enchanted Hill Legend MCH
Enchanted Hill Laughing Loon
Tyny Lorazepam Brush Creek Final Tribute Buttin Heads Red Branch Legend *S Buttin Heads Galziping Ghost *S
ARMCH Buttin' Heads Wedding Song 3*D AR1672
Brush Creek Joy Too Willow Creek Larceny
Brush Creek Pride
1XGRCH Tyny Little Bitty PGCH MCH Little Tot's Estate Tsuga Creek Road Envoy
Woodhaven Farms Cowgirl
1XRSGRCH Tyny Ruidoso Woodhaven Farms Way Too Cool
Tyny Bonita

I do accept deposits ( $50 ) for specific requests. You may request a kid from a specific breeding pair or sometimes I have an adult doe that may be purchased already bred. Those who have a deposit on file will get a notification of all animals that become 'for sale', with adequate time to respond, before the 'for sale' list is made public.

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