This is the 'holder" that I built for restraining the kids at disbudding time.

I came up with this design after thinking about how we restrained cattle. My main design ideas were to keep the animal's movement to slipping of the disbudding tool into an eye or across an ear. Also, no slippage of the tool onto the operators hand while trying to restrain the kid. Thereby making the procedure quick and safe for both the animal and the owner. It actually acts like a miniature 'squeeze chute' but it does not actually squeeze my babies. It is adjustable from the sides so that the amount of "squirming" room is a minimum. The shape of the yoke that comes down over their neck allows the head to 'nestle' into it.....thereby limiting not only up and down movement but also left and right. Notice the neck of the animal actually fits into a "V" air restriction.....nobody chokes. I have made several and given them as prizes at some of my shows.......I think all that have used them really appreciate what the holder does.

Here is one in use on a 5 week old buck......


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