Born 5/14/18

Our Gang BCJ Louisiana Man * Buffalo Clover Joe *B * Buffalo Clover Prince George *B * AGS Kae Bar TE Cad Coupe *
AGS Buffalo Clover Princess *
Buffalo Clover Cat E * AGS Kae Bar TE Cad Coupe *
Buffalo Clover Fame *
AGS J&R Dwarfs S Lily * AGS Pine Shadows BH Sanford * AGS Pine Shadow Ben Hur *
AGS Pine Shadow TP Meryl *
AGS J&R Dwarfs JJ Samantha * AGS Fairlea Jean-Jacques *
AGS Pine Shadow C Emily *
High Hill Farm Wind Dancer * 10243F-ndga D39555-ags Good Measure Farm Fugita * Covenant Kids Blue Ice * Tule River Tiger Eye * Woodhaven Farms That's A Wrap
Covenant Kids Princess Melodie *
Covenant Kids Blue Ice Maiden * Tin Acres Blue Smoke *
Prairie Wood Chastity *
Poetry Oaks Rosalind * Piddlin Acres Slo-poke * Deb's Chocolate *
Willows Blaze O Glory *
North Rockbottom Fanny Brown * Goodwood Pink Floyd *
Goodwood Hot Tomato *
Ivy Acres Windy Plains * Woodhaven Farms Final Impact * Woodhaven Farms Leviathan * Woodhaven Farms Orlandole' *
Green Gate Fairy Dust *
Shady Meadow Kiwi * Woodhaven Farms Mr. Windsor *
Stardust Courtney *
Enchanted Hill Moonflower * Enchanted Hill Legend MCH * Goodwood Merlin *
Enchanted Hill Lily MCH *
Enchanted Hill Laughing Loon * HBF Palladin *
Enchanted Hill Lily MCH *

I do accept deposits ( $50 ) for specific requests. You may request a kid from a specific breeding pair or sometimes I have an adult doe that may be purchased already bred. Those who have a deposit on file will get a notification of all animals that become 'for sale', with adequate time to respond, before the 'for sale' list is made public.

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