Russian Roulette for Goats

It's really quite simple. If you purchase animals from herds that are not tested and/or if you bring untested animals onto your are already an experienced player !!!

You should be concerned, in particular, with the chances and results of introducing Johnes, CL, and CAE into your herd. These can be DEVASTATING.

All of my animals have been tested and are negative with regards to CAE(Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis), Johne's Disease, CL (Caseous Lymphadenitis)and Brucellosis. I have used the ELISHA test from Washington State University ( began testing 8/95, last tested 2/20/05 ).

When purchasing animals or leasing a buck, insist on these tests or do them yourself before introducing new animals to your premises. Maintain an "isolation area" for new animals until testing is completed. The ONE time you fail to do this.....could wipe out your entire herd and/or make your premises uninhabitable by goats.

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