This is the Tyny Goat Ranch trailer. It was made to haul goats and lots of stuff to the vet and to shows. I started with a 12 foot cargo trailer and added vents (sides, back, and top ) and pens. It can easily haul 12-14 goats and more stuff than you can think of.

This is a rear view showing the pens below and stuff above. There are 4 - 3' X 3' pens with slide-up doors ( 2 pens open from the back and 2 from the front ) . Shown also are 4 large animal carriers above and plenty of room for 3 or 4 bales of hay and lots of tack space. The floor space on this side of the pens is plenty for the rolling grooming stand.

This is a view of the right side door. Plenty of walk room for my comfort as well as the goats. I installed a battery and lights inside for those late night or early morning departures.


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