Kathleen and Phil with their 2007 Honda Goldwing

25 years ago, BC ( before children ), Kathleen and I had a Yamaha 650 Maxim to take a trip or 2 on. However, Kathleen became pregnant with our first child and the motorcycle was sold. Now, with the last child graduating from college....we decided to revive this great adventure in our lives. Below we will share our trips on our new GL 1800cc Goldwing.

Here's a list of the accessories that we've added to our Wing.

States that we have visited on the Goldwing

July 20, 2013-August 6, 2013. . . 5390 miles....This trip was to return to the high country and see the sights along the way and into Canada. We took 'Rumble' ( the mascot of the OKC Thunder ) with us and tried to included him in many of the sights. Mt Rushmore, The Badlands, Crazy Horse, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, in Canada-- Banff National Park. We wanted to see some northern lights while at our most northern location, just north of Jasper National Park in Canada...but it was cloudy and rainy every night we were there. We took a boat ride out to Spirit Island at Jasper, on to Lake Louise. Awesome glaciers and then on south back to the USA at Glacier National Park. We went back up the wonderful Beartooth Highway near Yellowstone and then on to the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado. Those were just some of the highlights.. Here is a link to the log & pictures of this trip.

October 27-28, 2012. . . 668 miles....This was a quick trip to the Ozarks to see some fall color and enjoy some of the twisties. Here is a map of this trip....no pictures as we were having too much fun to take pictures this time. We went up the edge of Tenkiller lake and the Cookson Hills. On up highway 10 along the Illinois River into SW Missouri to a great twisty road, highway 90 and ended up in Rogers, Ark for the night. The next day we traveled highway 12 thru the War Eagle area and on down the "Pigtrail" highway 23 to Ozark, Ark. We DID see a neat sight of a Bald Eagle sitting in a field next to the road before taking off. The weather was a bit cool but sunny and beautiful for this time of year.

August 26, 2012-September 15,2012. . . 5300 miles....This was a trip to first satisfy an item on Kathleen's bucket list....zip lining. We zip lined at the largest zip line course in the world at Durango, Co. Then we continued west to the Pacific coast and road up Hwy 1 along the coast until we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and circled San Francisco. This trip took us thru 18 National Parks and National Monuments...including Mesa Verde NP, Monument Valley, Natural Bridges NM, Glen Canyon, Capitol Reef NP, Grand Staircase-Escalante NM, Bryce Canyon NP, Yosemite NP, Golden Gate Bridge NM, Sequoia NP, Death Valley NP, Grand Canyon NP, Lake Mead/Hoover Dam, El Morro NM, Bandera Ice Caves, El Malpais NM. Here is a link to the log & pictures of this trip.

September 28-October 5,2011. . . 1810 miles....This trip, besides getting away from work for a few days, was to satisfy one of the items on Phil's 'Bucket List'. To ride in a hot air balloon. What better place to do that than the International Hot Air Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, NM. Another objective was to see the beautiful night sky in one of the darkest regions of the US...the Oklahoma panhandle at Black Mesa State Park. Here is a link to the log & pictures of this trip.

April 19-May 5, 2011. . . 3815 miles....This trip was a "Tour de Texas". Timing of the trip was to see the bluebonnet bloom in Texas and go to Big Bend National Park before it gets too hot. We didn't see many bluebonnets because of the drought, but it was still a good time of year to make this trip. Wild fires were in the areas we visited but did not become an issue for us. On this trip we enjoyed the Hill Country rides, Big Bend National Park, McDonald Observatory in west Texas, Padre Island, Corpus Cristi, the Lexington Aircraft Carrier, Galveston Island, and the Pineywoods of East Texas. Here is a link to the log & pictures of this trip.

October 2010. . . 1000 miles....This trip was another fall color tour....just mostly different roads than the previous trips in the same areas. We enjoyed the "pig trail" thru the Boston Mountains in Arkansas. The weather was much better than last fall's trip and very enjoyable. Here is a link to the log & pictures of this trip.

July 26-August 16, 2010. . . 5215 miles.... Wonderful trip to Glacier National Park and more. Here is a link to the log & pictures of this trip.

October 22-25, 2009. . . 997 miles....Our main objective of this trip was to catch some fall colors in their 'prime'. Since our past 2 fall trips were either too early or too late, we decided to cover a lot of territory from North to South in Arkansas to be sure somewhere along the journey we would see some fabulous fall color. WE DID and more !! The weather was mostly cool and wet...but a very nice ride in spite of that. The colors along Hwy 100 east of Tenkiller Lake in Oklahoma were some of the best. Then along Hwy 59 in Ark. we came across the Natural Dam in the Ozark National Forest. We then headed north on the old Hwy 71 and stopped at Artist Point for some pictures. Made it to Eureka Springs just after dark and found our motel. It was very cool the next morning and we stayed in Eureka Springs until noon....then headed out on a cool ( 45 degrees) wonderful ride. Hwys 123 and 74 along the Buffalo River were beautiful motorcycle roads. We even saw some wild turkey and a herd of Elk. We continued on down 123 to Clarksville for the night. Hwy 123 is HIGHLY recommended for wonderful senary, curves, and low traffic. When leaving Clarksville we decided on a route to Mena that included hwy 309. What a TREAT !! a beautiful ride and we discovered Mt. Magazine State Park. Mt. Magazine is the highest elevation in Arkansas at 2753 ft. The Lodge is fantastic....as well as the scenery. We have put it on our "must return" list. We saw them setting up for a wedding on one of the scenic balconies. We also came across the hang glider launch area. After taking pictures there....we headed down the mountain towards Mena when we spotted a truck with a hang-glider strapped to the top...... we just had to see this....so we headed back up the mountain to watch the hang-gliders take off. Headed on to Mena to our reservations at the Mountain Top Cabins we discovered last year. After what we'd already seen...the Talimena Drive...our 'goal' was less impressive than what we'd already seen. And then even more ironic was the beautiful colors we discovered in our drive as we arrived home !! Here is a link to the log & pictures of this trip.

September 25-27, 2009. . . 640 miles....As part of the Grand Tour '09 that we are participating in....we traveled to our first ever "Threshing Bee" in Fairview, OK. Saw some wonderful antique tractors and old farm equipment ....in use then the Sod House Museum in Aline, OK. We then traveled to Gate, Oklahoma near the entrance to the Oklahoma Panhandle. Spent the night in Woodward then down to Shattuck to the Windmill Museum, Cheyenne to the Washita Battlefield National Historic Site and then by Foss Lake. Here is a link to the log & pictures of this trip.

May 9-31, 2009. . . 4931 miles.... Our Vacation adventure this year was to head where we had never been before.....Key West, Fl, and beyond.....on to the Smoky Mountains and ride the famous Deal's Gap, Tail of the Dragon. This trip is where we learned to read the clouds...and ride in the rain and on wet roads !!!! Here is a link to the log & pictures of this trip.

November 7-9, 2008. . . 662 miles.... Back to the Talimena Drive in SE Oklahoma. Last year we were too early for the fall colors so we thought we'd try to 'catch it right' this year. We ended up be just a little late because of the huge storm that blew thru just a couple of days before we left. Still a lot of color...just past the prime. We DID stay in a wonderful place in Mena, Ar. I am a little hesitant to mention it here ---don't want EVERYONE to find this place making it harder for us to find available lodging there ;-) Mena Mountain Top Motel/Cabins. The cabins are immaculate, view is breath-taking, and the hosts are most gracious. Across the road from the cabins is a very good restaurant, the Fishnet. The weather was great and it was a wonderful ride. We plan to make this trek an annual affair.

October 10 & 11, 2008. . . 300 miles.... We traveled north to Hwy 33 then west to Kingfisher then on to Watonga for their annual Watonga Cheese Festival Again the weather was great...just a little breezy. We arrived just in time for the parade. It was a nice parade...a lot larger than the Sucker Day parade we saw a couple of weeks ago. There were a lot of booths....both food and trinket...cheese and wine sampling ( tho' Kathleen and I both felt that the Watonga CHEESE Festival should have had more *CHEESE* ). We had a nice dinner at the Mexican restaurant, Carrillos. We then headed for Roman Nose State park where we checked in at the lodge and went for a nice hike. We were not impressed with the lodge, our room, the dining...or anything else there. It is a beautiful area to visit, hike, and camp, etc....but we don't recommend the lodge. Sunday morning we headed north to Okeene to get credit for the Grand Tour Oklahoma stop and then on to Stillwater where we enjoyed lunch with our children Tony and Jennifer and granddaughters, Natalie and Savannah at Curly's. Arrived home mid-afternoon to discover the goat we had penned up to have babies had decided to wait until we got back home.

September 27, 2008. . . 225 miles.... to Sucker Day in Wetumka,OK. Our friends Don Muir and Jo Rush joined us for breakfast in MWC then the four of us headed, mostly down Hwy 9 to Wetumka. We arrived in time to participate in the Sucker Day Poker Run. It was a nice ride but we did not win. Jo lost her gloves at one of the stops and that was the subject of a very weird encounter later in the day....you just have to ask me about that one !!! We enjoyed the parade.....there really was one ....then we head back home. It was a wonderful day with wonderful weather for riding.

August 30 - September 1, 2008. . . 900 mile tour thru SW Missouri and NW Arkansas...the Ozarks. We left Saturday morning with our 'targets' for the day to satisfy 3 of the 'Grand Tour' Oklahoma stops. We traveled up famous Route 66 to Sapulpa, Ok and then on to Vinita, Ok and finally Miami, Ok. The stop in Miami was particularly interesting. The stop was at the Route 66 Vintage Iron Museum. This is a must stop for any motorcycle enthusiast. We had lunch with my parents in Pryor, Ok and then made our way to Neosho, Missouri for the night. The next day we made our way to Missouri highway 90. This was a wonderful motorcycle road. Lots of twisties and beautiful Ozark scenery. We stopped for brief rest at our most favorite spot on earth, Roaring River, Missouri. We then traveled down Missouri highway 86, a road we have ridden many times by automobile but not on the cycle. It's a good road as well. We were trying to make our way to highway 76 near Branson and we were attempting to bypass the traffic in Branson. However, a missed turn....we found ourselves in downtown Branson.....good grief !!!. Made our way out of town and continued down highway 76 to highway 125. This was one of our targets as it has a free ferry that takes vehicles across an arm of Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas. We took the Peel Ferry and made our way down hwy 125 and on to hwy 7 ( another 'target' of our trip) to Harrison, Ark. where we spent our 2nd night. The next day, Labor Day, we left Harrison on hwy 7 and on to hwy 16 and hwy 23. These were all wonderful scenic 'motorcycle' roads thru the Boston Mountains. Made our way down to I-40 and hwy 64 and back home. What a wonderful 3-day trip. No rain....moderate temperatures....beautiful scenery.....great roads.

June 20- July 12, 2008 . . . 6265 mile vacation to California... Our "trip of a lifetime", our first 3-week vacation on the bike. The plan is Mt Rushmore, Yellowstone, Crater Lake, Zion, Grand Canyon, Durango, Co, Red River, NM. Here is a link to the log & pictures of this trip.

April 11-13, 2008 . . . 552 miles. We headed to Muskogee ( Phil is a true Okie from Muskogee...born there in 1952 ), Ok for the famous Azalea Festival at Honor Heights Park and parade. This was a motorcycle trip Kathleen and I took 25 years ago, BC. That we decided to repeat. The winds were a gale force and it was great practice for our upcoming 4000 mile trip to California and back.
Leaving Muskogee on Saturday afternoon we traveled north to Tahlequah( one of the destination stops for the Oklahoma Grand Tour contest ) and on to Pryor to spend the night with Phil's parents. Sunday morning we headed north to Vinta to catch highway 60 to travel across the northern edge of Oklahoma thru Nowata, Bartlesville, Pawhuska, and Ponca City. Again fighting crosswinds of 25-30mph. At Ponca City we stopped at the Standing Bear Museum ( another of the Oklahoma Grand Tour destinations ). We then headed south to Stillwater and enjoyed the wind to our back for a change.
It was a fun trip and a good 'tune-up' for our summer trip.

October 12-14, 2007 . . . .destination Talimena Scenic Drive and Mena, Arkansas, 531 miles round trip . . . .We traveled SE through Tecumseh, Seminole, and Holdenville to McAlester where we spent the night at the very nice Hydrangea Bed and Breakfast. After arriving and checking in at the Hydrangea we traveled to Krebs, OK to the famous Pete's Place for a wonderful dinner. If you haven't eaten at Pete's Place, you should put it on your "to do" list. Saturday morning after a wonderful breakfast at the Hydrangea we headed towards The Talimena National Scenic Byway in the Ouachita National Forest. Along the way we traveled thru Hartshorne. They were having a "Hard Times" celebration all along the downtown street. We stopped there briefly to see the activities. We resumed our voyage but oddly enough....we stopped at the Talimena State Park for a bathroom and leg-stretch break....where Kathleen ran into someone she knew from 20 years ago...in the small bathroom there in the park. We continued up the twisty scenic drive noticing that we were a little too early in the year to catch the autumn foliage colors but it was a beautiful ride regardless. About 3/4 thru the drive we arrived at the Queen Wihelmina State Park and Lodge in Arkansas and enjoyed lunch at the lodge and a 1-mile hike to work-off the lunch. We continued down the route and arrived in Mena, Arkansas where we had reservations at the Ozark Inn motel. It was quite funny...after a bit of searching we found the motel to discover there were NO cars there...it looked abandoned. A note on the office window said to look around for the office manager who was working somewhere in the motel. After a brief search we found a couple folks who were busy remodeling a room. I asked if they were open for business and received an affirmative nod. I mentioned that I had made reservations....tho' it looked like I probably did not need to do that :-) Turns out the room was fine ( just newly remodeled--- finished minutes before we moved in ). Sunday morning we headed home but took a different route. We were trying to beat some predicted thunderstorms home but we did manage to stop briefly at the Heavener Runestone State Park and Robber's Cave State Park. We arrived in Eufaula ready for some lunch and found a VERY nice quaint cafe, The Flower Shoppe and Caffe. They serve lunch, only, daily from 11am-2pm. It is a "must eat there" place if going thru Eufaula at an appropriate time. We arrived home after a nice 265 mile trip for the day, completing our 531 mile trip. We may do this again soon and try to time our trip to see the fall colors.

July 7, 2007 . . . .destination to see the grand-daughters and family in Stillwater, OK...145 miles round trip . . . . . We traveled over to Jones, Ok and caught Hog Back Road, a favorite road to utilize going north from home. It has very little traffic and some gentle curves that are fun on the cycle. It ends up in Luther where we caught old Hwy 66 for a few miles to Wellston. Just past Wellston we caught Hwy 177 thru Carney, Perkins and on to Stillwater. We enjoyed a nice visit and late lunch with our daughter and her husband, son and his girlfriend, as well as our 2 granddaughters, Natalie and Savannah. We departed Stillwater, heading east on hwy 51 to take a different route home, via hwy 108 thru Ripley, OK. We were surprised to find the hwy appeared to be under construction with "Caution: Motorcycle" signs everywhere....but they must have been through with the construction as the hwy was very nice and had just been re paved. We continued on thru Agra, Chandler, Meeker, Harrah and Choctaw. At Choctaw we stopped at one of our favorite places, Sonic, and enjoyed a slush to cool down a bit before heading on home.

July 4-5, 2007 . . . .destination Quartz Mountain State Park, 360 miles round trip . . . . . the morning of July 4th we began our trip towards Quartz Mtn State Park with our first stop to be at our friends, Ron and Mary Segal, in Clinton, OK. about 2 hours away.

Along the way we went thru Tuttle, OK. and were amazed that the streets were lined, 2 deep, with people for several blocks....WE WERE IN a PARADE...and didn't even know it. I guess they were actually waiting for the real parade to start but it was kind of cool driving thru the town with all the people standing there to wave at. We wished we had brought some candy or something to throw to all the kids and townspeople as we cruised their main street. We continued on thru Minco, Binger, and Corn towards Mary and Ron's house. We were very excited to go thru Corn as it was a little town that Kathleen and I had both bypassed for over 45 years....knowing where it was but never having actually been there. We had a wonderful visit and lunch with Ron and Mary before continuing our journey thru Cordell, Rocky, Sentinel, Lone Wolf, and Granite before arriving at Quartz Mountain. The lake was FULL....it was down over 30 feet just 3 short months ago. It is beautiful....the granite mountains were so green.....these were things that have been very rare to see at Quartz Mountain the past few years. We visited and dined with Kathleen's brother and sister-in-law that evening. The next morning we broke out the collapsible fishing poles we had stowed away in the saddle bag of the motorcycle and spent a short time failing to catch anything.

We loaded the cycle and headed back home...going thru Lone Wolf, Hobart, Gotebo, Mountain View, Carnegie, Fort Cobb, Albert, and back to Binger. We had a nice lunch at a quaint little Cafe in downtown Binger before heading on home. This was our first cycle adventure and it was most enjoyable with no difficulties. Even tho' there were chances of rain both days....we didn't even get sprinkled on until getting about 2 miles from home.

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