A Tour of the "Ranch"

The Tyny Goat Ranch is on 5 acres in southeast Oklahoma City. The wildflower patch planted along the fence and road leading to our home welcomes visitors each spring and summer. I built our earth-burmed house in 1984. The north end of our acreage is mostly Oak trees while the south end ( the goat pasture) is creek bottom land with huge Cottonwood trees. There is a bridge that even the goats use a lot of times to cross the small creek. The goat barn and pasture available to the goats consumes about 2 acres. The goats have several "toys" to play on when in their respective pens or even in the main pasture as well. It is great to be able to see the goat pasture from any of the southern windows of the house. Another favorite spot of the "Ranch" is the small lily pond I built ( along with the superb cement mixing of my neighbor, Terry Barnes ). It has a bench on which to sit and read the paper or just "vegitate" after a trying day at work. Another benefit to raising goats is their great by-product for the garden. Our garden has never been better since we began raising goats. In this way, the goats reward us for keeping their barn as clean as possible and adding the straw and manure to the garden directly or first to the compost pile.

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