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Tyny Casper the friendly Goat

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Last updated 2/9/19

. . . . . . . . . Fall 2019 breeding table available in May. . . . . . . . . . Tyny Wing Blog. . . . . . .video on how to microchip a goat in the tail web

Breeding will begin in April/May for fall 2019 kids

With the possibility of lots of fall kids available..... I am again accepting deposits for these fall kids. I am also considering decreasing my herd size. So, I may consider selling some of these bred does. Let me know if you are interested.

Meet Sabaka      Meet Aspen     Meet Gabe

Meet Our Goat Herd          Tyny Bees and Honey

Interesting Trailcam pictures from our property

The Tyny® Goat Ranch has been a family adventure in raising and showing dual registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats. All of our goats are registered with the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association -- NDGA and American Dairy Goat Association -- ADGA

The Tyny® Goat Ranch is an Oklahoma Certified Wildscape

States that we have visited on the Goldwing

Our Motorcycle Adventures


Tyny Wing Blog

Have you Est-ed lately ?

Our newest 'toy'........ 1972 El Camino

Now, this is "WAY COOL"

Need a Goat ?            If you build it...They will come.

Babies !!            Ranch Tour

Learn about the Birds and the Bees( must be over 18 to view the pictures )

Baby Videos

Want to know how to tell when your goat is going to have babies ?
How to place a microchip in the tail web of your goat?

Want to have some fun and be amazed ? Check this out.

How about some "Fall Fun"


The Tyny® Goat Ranch goes High-Tech with a Satellite Dish at the Barn

If I've been asked once I've been asked 100 times,

"Are your goats good at keeping your grass mowed ?"

Finally, the answer !!

This is a picure of Tyny Miss Daisy.
She was our first born........and yes, a little spoiled.

Even tho' I love and continue to raise both breeds, I have changed my emphasis and show efforts to the Nigerian Dwarf breed. Here are a couple pictures of my recent successes( besides Green Gate Prince of Tides ) - - Tyny Heidi & Tyny Little Bitty


This is one of my favorite pictures of some of our Nigerian Dwarf goats. The goat in the foreground is Tyny Miss Bonita ( should have named her " iry " - written on her side )

Click on the picture below to meet our Nigerian Dwarf herd

Udderly AMAZING            Pygmy vs Nigerian Dwarf

GRAND CHAMPIONS from our herd

Pictured at one of my favorite web sites,Oklahoma State University, are 2 of our pygmies, Tyny Miss Daisy and PGCH Five R Rocky. Another favorite site, where there are sounds to down load as well as a goat breeder's list for the entire country, is GOATS. If you need some goat-advice you might just drop us a line. We may not have all the answers but would enjoy the interaction.

If your are interested in show schedules, visit these websites